Random Thoughts….

Well, I wanted to write on a quote but I can’t seem to find one that is jumping out at me to write my thoughts on. I know I shouldn’t be choosy about it but still. How can I write about something when I have no thoughts or feelings about it? Ya know what I mean? So I guess I’ll do some rambling today.

Hmmm, lets see here what can I bore ya with? Well, talk about having a brain fart. I’m trying to keep up with doing this at least twice a week. I know I’m pretty much only writing for myself but still. It’s good to have goals set. I guess I’ll go through a mental list of my interests and see what comes to mind to write about.

First WoW: Haven’t played much. Been getting motion sickness when I’m playin. Though I’m trying to get loonybin lvled up there. I really like playing a Warrior. I mean I haven’t given up on playing my lock. I enjoy playing her. I just know once I get her to 80 I’m just gonna have to get her to 85 so I’m mostly waiting for the expansion to come out. But what kinda sux is that my comp doesn’t have enough room to hold the next expansion lol so I’ll be playing the expansion on my moms comp till I can either upgrade my comp internally or just get a new one all together. So yeah, isn’t that great? lol. Sooo moving on….

Second Books: Haven’t read much. Still trying to finish the three books I started and they are sitting here right next to me as I type this. Waiting to be read. Poor books. Lol. Okay yes I’m a dork. But I’ll get to them eventually I always do. Then after I read one I’ll end up on a reading binge that’ll last two freaking months and 20 books later I’ll be tired of reading. So yeah. It’s a healthier binge then most others that people out there go on.

Third Movies: Watched Sweeney Todd a few times and Interview With A Vampire. I know there’s a few others that I watched I just really didn’t pay attention cause I’ve watched them so much it’s like oh yeah this one. Oh wait I did watch Beetle Juice a couple days ago. I really like Tim Burton movies. Though I am going to see Case 39 that’s coming out. I hope it’s good, looks good. But trailers can be deceiving. I can only hope in this case that it’s not. Then again maybe I’m just too critical of movies. especially ones that are suppose to be horror or thriller. I hard for me to find on that’s actually good to watch. Or that I’d be willing to watch again. But as I said maybe I’m just being to critical, oh well that’s how I am.

Fourth Writing: As for writing, this is it. I haven’t worked much on my books only been doing these little blog posts. Though, it’s slowly helping me get back into the grove of writing. I want to write but it’s not something that I can force. If I do then it just turns out to be something that I’m completely unhappy with so yeah. Still waiting for my writing mojo to come back. Let’s hope it comes back soon I got 2 books that I should finish and if I finish them I can work on possibly, no guarantee, but possibly getting published. But we’ll see what happens. For now I’m just taking it one step at a time.

Fifth Random: Okay here’s some random crap. But before I get into It I’d like to say I do have more interests it’s just that with the way I’m going at the moment with each one; You’re going to have a 4 page essay to read. And who wants that? Not every one is a reading whore like me. Prolly already thinking this damn post is too long as it is. Okay now I’m bitching. Now back to the random crap. As if I haven’t been random enough. I’ve been thinking about taking pictures and doing my makeup more often. Prolly cause I’ve been watching makeup tutorials lately. But I’ve been wanting to do some photo shots of myself lately. I think it would be fun to model and do my makeup all fun. I think I’m prolly gonna start doing my makeup and posting the pics on my facebook for my family to see. And get there reactions for now. But also do makeup on my friend. She said I can use her as my doll so that’s fun. Yay! lol. But also starting to do this and be inspired by this has ben putting em in a better mood which helps sense I am clinically depressed. So I’m hoping this will help me curb out of my depression. Doing makeup and taking pictures. If anyone actually does read these I would be nice for some advice on starting out in both area’s. So yeah I’m gonna be quiet for now. I’m gonna try and post again before the end of the week. Laterz

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