Food… Part 1

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.”
— Julia Child

Well, today I felt like doing a quote about food. I love food and who doesn’t? Food makes the world go round in my opinion. I love to cook. Though, I don’t cook like a five star restaurant chef. But I have to agree with the quote above by Julia Child. Just have good food from fresh ingredients. One thing I love to do is bake. And I don’t only do from a box baking. I’m talking about getting all the scratch ingredients out and baking like that. And if you mess up, you stand there and wonder if you just ruined it or just made something new and interesting. That’s when you call in the friend or sibling that’s closes to you at the time and bribe them to taste it. lol I’m J/K taste it yourself. That’s if you’re daring enough to do so.

But anyways, I’m gonna move on to places that I like to eat around here. Hehe (^_^). Okay first on the list is Ming Wah’s omg they are the best Chinese restaurant around here. I love their food. Their egg foo young is soooo good. I could eat that all the time. Also they make it fresh, it’s not sitting in some steam table waiting to be served. That’s another thing I like. Another thing is, surprising, they’re not extremely greasy like some Chinese food places are. That’s a plus in my book I dunno about anyone else.

Well, I wanted to write more on here but after going to the vet for Jeb and everything my mind is a bit boggled. Maybe I’ll post a part 2 tomorrow or something I dunno we’ll see. For now laterz!

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