A Thought or Two…

“The worst thing you can do is censor yourself as the pencil hits the paper. You must not edit until you get it all on paper. If you can put everything down, stream-of-consciousness, you’ll do yourself a service.”
— Stephen Sondheim

That is a quote to think about when writing. Especially those of us who seek to write professionally.

Myself personally would like to write a book. Though, sense I’ve been on my anti-depressants I haven’t had a thought to write. It’s almost like having a void in my mind, and I’m trying very hard to pull something from it that’s not there to pull. But I know it’s there, it’s just blocked, all my creative thoughts are. I’ve been hoping that if I keep writing on here that I might get back into the groove of writing and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to working on one of my books. But so far, I’ve been nothing but a hollow shell. void of thoughts or emotions about it. I look at my writing and shrug it off. Same with my reading. It bothers me that I’m like that but at the same time I just don’t care. I know what I should do and what people want me to do but I just don’t care. That’s how empty I feel now a days. A walking shell listening to what people want me to do that I wont end up doing. I’m tired of having to rely on everyone else but I got no choice at the moment. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped under a rock and I have to drag myself out from under it just to go do something. This for instance i practically nagged at myself to write this one entry. *Sigh* Well, let’s get off the depressing subject.

On a lighter note, we took Rocko to the vet today. And they said he was really healthy. Also, to keep him at the weight he’s currently at. He weigh’s 55.5lbs they also were able to determine what breeds he is. They said that he’s a Rottweiler/Shepherd/Akita/Heeler mix. They were able to determine all that from the way he looks and acts. They all loved him at the vets. I can’t count how many treats he got while he was there. But we did pick up Princess’s ceramic paw prints there, though we have to bake them our selves damn it. But oh well, at least we got them. Well, that’s all I can think of to write, I’ll try to post again soon. Laterz

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