Well, I reformatted my comp today. That was a pain in the ass. Had to leave in the middle of it to go food shopping then come back just to sit here for another three hrs and load in more crap into this thing. I still have yet to put WoW back in it. Man what a pain. Yes, I’m bitching. Atleast I’m admiting it! Hmph!

Been watching stuff on Netflix. That’s some good stuff. Watch all three series of Avatar the last air bender on there. I love that cartoon. I wish I had the money to get it. Then again I wish for many things. But lets not get into that right now. That’ll just turn into a depressing road. *sigh*

Okay, I waited a few days to add a bit more to this entry. I got everything back into my comp and it still a piece of crap. I need a new comp. Oh well, on a lighter note my dog is doing good. though I’m fairly certain he has ADD or something. He gets so distracted so easy its just funny. But he’s also learning to listen alot better too. Which is good. Sooooo yea….. My mind just went blank I’ll post again when I can think. Laterz!

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