Many Thoughts Have Passed….

Many thoughts have passed sense the last time I posted on here. Well, Princess is gone… The vet said they could put her on an IV for the night but it would only help for a little bit of time. She believed the cancer from her mouth had spread to her lungs. And that the most humain thing to do was to put her down. Other wise we were just keeping her alive for the next few months and that’s if her body’s would hold up. So, she’s in a better place she’s with Rock and Honey along with her parents. But it’s still hard to believe that she’s gone. Rocko’s been doing good and getting better with the family. He’s happy and playful, we gotta do what we can to wear he ass out. But it’s okay. I’m happy and he’s happy and that’s what matter’s right now.

Haven’t played much WoW passed few days. Nor have I read very much. Hung out with Cin and Gin along with the family but that’s about it. My dreams have been easy to remember when I wake up but when I think about them later in the day I can’t remember them. I know I’ve been having some unusual dreams lately but I can’t remember them. Wish I could.

For writing this is the most I’ve been doing. I should work on some of my books but that’s kinda going down hill. So sad. Maybe, eventually I’ll get the urge to work on them. I haven’t even worked on poetry. My mind and feeling just haven’t been moved the way they used to. It’s kinda like my imagination is frozen. It’s a bit annoying if you know what mean. Or I’m frozen I dunno one or the other. I just try to think about writing and I try to put a story down on paper and nothing comes out. It’s like, it can only exist in my own little mind. But damn it! I want to write it down! Share my thoughts, the stories that I have to tell. The imagination that i have. Why is my mind so frozen? Talk about a writer’s block….

Well, I’ve writin the thoughts that my mind hasn’t blocked from me at the moment. When I think of more to put on here I’ll write more but till then laterz.

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