There and here…

Well, I just found out that our dog is not doing to good. She’s not moving very much and my parents had to carry her inside on a blanket. My dad lifted her head and it just plops back down. And I guess the side of her chest is hard and her stomach is soft. I’m going home early to keep an eye on her while my parents are at work. we want someone with her if she does… Well, if she does…. Go… I really don’t want to think about it but I know it’s gonna happen sometime. I just didn’t think it was gonna be so soon. *sigh*

I’m over at Cindy’s right now. We’re watching movies and hanging out. They’re suppose to be scary movies but they’re not really. Oh, I had so much I wanted to put on here earlier but now sense hearing about Princess I’ve lost all thoughts. I really don’t want to lose another member of my family. Anyways, I’ll just try to pay attention to the movie for now and post on here later or tomorrow or something. Night.

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