Food For Thought… Part 2

Well, as I said I would continue with a part two. And here I am.

I left off with talking about movies last night. So, let’s continue with that. I last talked about The Last Air Bender and how I was disappointed with that movie. Another movie I was disappointed with was A Nightmare On Elm Street the Remake. That was a butchered version of the original. Anyone, who’s seen the original will stick to the original. Cuz that movie was just a sad excuse of an example of Freddy. They finally made Alice and Wonderland into a real life movie and I love it. Of course one of my favorite actors is in it, Johnny Depp, And no not because he’s a heart throb. I genuinely like his acting. He can truly bring a character to life and that’s what I look for in actors when I watch a movie. I don’t like movies that seem over dramatic of fake beyond words.

Well, I’ve been going off alot about movies let’s move on to the next subject shell we? Other wise I’ll have nothing to talk about later if I talk it all out now about movies. Well, unless I just go on netflix and do a movie binge and just watch anything I can find. Anywhos, next subject, writing.

Okay, I admit it, I’ve been lazy beyond lazy about writing lately. I haven’t done alot of it. obviously with not keeping up with this. That’s how my books have been going too. I’ve been thinking thoughts about them but I haven’t put anything down on paper. I have many thoughts about new races and planets and different powers/abilities those people with or can have. But at the same time I also want to expand my knowledge on many things before I continue with much of my writing. I’m a gluten when it come to knowledge. I love to read and I love to learn new things. I also feel I’m too much of a perfectionist or my stories go completely out of whack that I can’t keep up with them. Almost like they take on a life of their own. Ya know? But anyways, I know eventually I’ll come up with something that’ll work it’s self into being a full book with me. Just not sure when or how. It’s just going to take time.

Got an MP3 payer, that was my birthday present to me. I use it when I read. It’s nice to have when I want to block out everything else around me. But other then that I really don’t have very many thoughts on music right now. Maybe in my next post I will.

And of course I have many random thoughts. At times it gets a bit annoying too, cuz I’ll get a random thought while I’m reading and it’ll have nothing to do with the book and I’ll be like “Oh, that’s something I should remember!” Then after I’m done reading for the day, of course I end up forgetting what it was I wanted to remember but oh well. It’s almost like another little person in my head shouting at various times saying, “Hey! I got idea’s too! Don’t forget that!” and yes I worry myself. It sometimes causes me to have conversations with myself and that worries me too. So, I just tell myself stories instead at times to keep my mind occupied and the little voice so I don’t have to deal with the little fucker. Haha. Okay yes I’m fucked up. But hey, at least I admit it! Do u? So, if any family members read this you already know how screwed up I am. And it’s okay we’re still family. You guys are fucked up too and I love you guys too!! YAY!!

Well, it’s time for me to go to bed. Try and write on here again, maybe I’ll talk about WOW next time sense I didn’t talk about it this time. Ah, what the heck, I’ll talk about it. Well, waiting for the next expansion on WOW to come out. They’re coming out with two new races and they look awsome. I’m still trying to lvl my lock, yes I’m still not an 80 yet on her. Only got 4 more lvls to go with her then I’ll be there. But I am trying out a warrior to see how I like em, and so far I like em. But my warrior is a lil football with green hair lol. Only a few more months till the expansion comes out then all hell will break lose with the gaming world yay us. But that’s enough I need to shut up and go to bed. I’ll try to write on here tomorrow or something, we’ll see. Night all.       

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