Food For Thought… Part 1

Well, it’s been awhile I will say. Almost a year wow. Well, lets see here whats all happened in the past year?

First of all, I’m not with Brandon anymore. He’s an asshole to all hell. Two timing cheating omg I just want to grrrrr…. okay I’m not gonna get to much into that its just too frustrating. I’ll just sum up with he’s back with his psycho ex may they live short fucked up lives yay them.

Anywhos, moving on. I got another tattoo. It has my parents initials on it with cherry blossoms and a frog. It’s really pretty. And of course I went to Shamrock Tattoo and had Patrick do it for me. He’s the only tattoo artist I’ll go trough. And I’m planning on getting about 7 more tattoos so he’s gonna be getting alot of business from me when I get the money.

Been going to Seattle alot. Lost count how many times I went there. Done alot of ceramic work over there, still need to get my last things I did when I was there last. Last time I went with Ricky and Cassie for our grandparents 50th anniversary. That was interesting. Saw people I don’t remember, but they remembered me once they knew who I was. Though, I don’t think they liked that I have tattoos now. But oh well. I’m proud of them. Its who I am and its a way of expression as well as always having a piece of art on me. I can’t help but love art. Tattoos are one of the most beautiful ways to show art in my opinion.

My Birthday came and went like any other day. So I’m 23 now. Still no job and not in school. And still trying to get on SSI and they still think I’m a faker or something so we’re arguing with them to get me on it. But I was re-approved for state help but not for depression but cuz they said I have a mentle health disorder yay me.

So yeah, but on a lighter note I got a doggie. His name is Rocko. And it’s fitting for him cuz he tries to eat rocks. Weird dog. He’s a mutt but he’s really cute! And has a personality all his own. I’m happy we have him. Though, he shows all the signs of an abused dog. He was so scared of us when we first got him. But he’s slowly warming up to us. He’s a hyper dog and loves to play fetch.

Other then that I’ve been reading alot. Found a couple new authors that I like. Brent Weeks and Karen Miller. I enjoyed their books very much. Brent Weeks wrote a series called The Night Angel Trilogy its about an assassin and magic its has a good balance between comedy and seriousness. I couldn’t put the books down same with Karen Millers books The Godspeakers series they were intense but at the same time relaxing to read. I have to say i’m just happy they’re series that have been completed and released other wise I think I would be bitching at the moment instead. Also, I read Trudi Canavans The Magician’s Apprentice a single novel. Its a prequel to the Black Magicians Series. And it explains alot, it answered alot of questions that I had about the Black Magicians Series. Which is always appreciated. I’m currently reading a few other books and waiting for a few to be released. The one’s that are to be released won’t be out till close to the end of the year so its a little frustrating but oh well. Nothing I can do about it.

But what did come out that I was waiting for was the third installment to the Twilight movies Eclipse. And so far it’s my favorite out of the three. The acting was alot better though they chopped it up a bit. But it’s okay I’ll live. Waiting for the next installment now like a lil twihard teeny bopper bitch lol. But atleast I’m laughing at myself. There have been a few movies that have come out that have been very good. Including the movie Avatar, and they’re making a second and third movie to it. Can’t wait to see how they do it and what the story line is going to be about. It should be interesting to see. One movie I was very disappointed in was The Last Air Bender. It was a good movie in general but it had no emotion it at all. It also didn’t explain alot so if they make a sequel which I hear they’re planning on it they’re going to have to fix that. They left out the comedy in it and that really frustrated me. The cartoon was alot about comedy. Also, showing that the elements came from a person’s own energy not cuz they had to have it around them. Anyways, time for bed to be continued….


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