Well, alot has happened sence i last posted on here. Hmmm, where to start? Well, first of all i’m not seeing that trevver guy anymore. i got me a real man now. hehe. his name is Brandon and he’s the biggest sweety. i’m so happy with him. i’ve never been this happy that i can remember. though, his ex could use some therepy sessions.

My brother and his wife moved out. this house looks so much less cluttered now. its nice.                                  

It’s Hot @_@


Well, it still took me a few weeks to update on here lol. 

So first of all, I just got back from Seattle last night. i had a a lot of fun. hung out with my aunt and uncle. they surprised me by taking me to a live Sweeney Todd play. it was awsome. The people who did it all were under 20 years of age but they sounded like they’ve been on stage for over 20 years. I wish i could go again but oh well. went to see the movie Orphan and Ice age: dawn of the dinosours. those both were really good. my aunt and uncle have so many movies it was like a movie store lol. So yes I watched alot of movies while i was there. hehe. my brother and his family came over a week after i got there. we all went crabbing with my uncle and his friend. my brother caught a shrimp in his crab pot to. but later on these guys caught a star fish in their crab pot. we took pics of it and they said they were gonna throw him back in on the other side of the dock it wouldn’t get caught again. but instead they slamed it on the ground and stomped on it then threw it against the rocks by the pier. it was really upsetting to watch. anyways a couples days later we left. i hitchicked back with my brother and his family. hehe. it was good we got back at 9pm saturday night. now i’m at home sweating my ass off in this hot house.

So other then that not much has been going on. though i found out i had an abnormal pap. so i have to go into the OBGYN to get checked. hopefully its not the first stages of cervical cancer. i’m hoping i just have an infection or something.

Anywhos, i’m dripping sweat. i haven’t worked on my book much. but i started to read a book called evermore. its pretty good so far. I’ve just read to the middle of it. I would be done if i wasn’t slacking on reading so much. and yes its a vampire series. Oh speaking of vampires Johnny Depp next roll is a vampire. the movie is called dark shadows. its based off of a gothic tv series that ran from 68 to 71 or something like that. i can’t wait to see the sequil to twilight, new moon. i’m so stoked i can’t wait till november. i also want to see the alice in wonderland movie that just came out. it was directed by tim burton. so it should be good. 

Anyways i’m too hot to think of anything else to write at the moment. i’ll try to update in a couple days. till then ttyl.