Well, not much has been going on. Got my tattoo. It looks awsome. i can’t wait to get my next one. its gonna be of my parents initials with three cherry blossoms and two tree frogs. I’m gonna prolly get quite a few tattoo’s, i know i will lol.

So anywhos. Selynda comes home on Wednesday. I’m happy about that. wont have to deal with all the communication problems we’ve been having. until she goes back, well by then i hope we have a plan of action then, and more money.

And lillian is getting really big, she’s alomost 10 months. and she has 9 teeth. everyones doing good from what i can tell.

i’ve actually been able to get my mind set back into writing, i love it when my writers block starts to go away. and watch with my saying that on here it’ll come right back lol. been making backgrounds for my characters on vampire mermaid book. so far i’ve worked on a few of the elder vamps still need to figure out the transvestite and my little asian suductress. but i’ve been having a hard time getting into reading. i know, i know, what the hell? but i can’t help it. i want to read but i just can’t seem to get into the books. started readin a really good zombiwe book and i couldn’t finish it. thats just sad. *sigh* hopefully i’ll get back into reading soon.

Oh for big news i’m starting free noncredit classes at the college this fall. i’m so stoked. gonna attend SFCC which will be kewl i can’t wait. hopefully there i’ll get an actual BF. i have a FWB right now. i would like more but i know its not going to happen. i just don’t the feeling he wants to have anything more then that. and if i say something i’m sure he will run off or turn me down very bluntly. oh well, so on word i go, but till then get some pleasure in the mean time lol. i’m so bad. though, i got on BC which is good. so i don’t have to worry about getting knocked up.

Lets see, what else can i ramble on about?

I have an SSI app on the 14th of this month. hopefully i can get approved for that. but we’ll see how it goes.

Hmmm what else? went and saw the second transformers movie that was pretty good. and the unborn movie is coming out on dvd which i’m excited about. i want to see public enemies too and i think i’m gonna go see it by myself i dunno i’ll see if my mom wants to go to she owes me 15 bucks so yea. lol! also new moon is coming out in november i’m stoked about it. i can’t wait. oh and harry potter is coming out this month on the 14 i’m going to go see that hehe. man theres so many movies coming out that i want to see. i love movies hehe.

Lets see what else is there. Oh yea, honey getting really old she’s about 17 and she’s losing it. i know its only a matter of time before she and princess go. they’re both getting up there. i just hope they wait till the end of the year or something. i’m gonna get a tattoo of them after they go to. princess is gonna go on the same leg as rock and i’m gonna try and work it so honey can be on the same leg if not i’ll put her on my other leg. i know for sure i’m getting a mermaid done on my other leg. i also want a full moon with a bat on my chest right above my breats. i’m getting my parents initials on my left forearm. i can’t wait. i still need to get my tregus pierced along with my lip. i’m gonna prolly do the beauty mark and the my lower lip on the right side. but we’ll see. i’m still waiting for my industrial to heal. thats taking forever. but i guess thats what i get for getting my ear pierced 3 times in a 4 week pieriod. hmmm i think i should shut up or i wont have anything to bitch about next time lol. hopefully i update this sooner then once every few weeks or months.

Haha till next time good night.

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