Well, lets see here…. I haven’t writin anything on here since December. A lot has gone on since. Well i’m getting my benifits fromt he state still. I’m having to see a shrink cuz I’m clinicaly depressed. i’m on anti-depressents. i guess they’re helping.

My aunt left for japan and her husband left for indonesia. selynda is going to be coming back here in july. then we’re gonna go over to seattle to see my uncle floyd/ her brother. i’ve been staying at my grandparents sence they left making sure that they stay in contact. also i feel most comfertable knowing someones here when they’re alone so i know nothings wrong i know i worry to much. and my grandpa gets too bored when he’s not working and fixes things that don’t need to be fixed oi… oh well, what else??

My brother richard and his wife are doing good. so is their daughter. she’s getting so big hehe. Ricky’s working at zips and is a manager which is good for him. they’re hoping to save up enough money’s to get their own place sometime. i really hope things work out for them.

Kenny and Crystal are doing good too. though they are having some money issues… it may take some time but i know that they’ll get back on their feet. Kenny can be a determined little fucker lol.

Anywhos, my b-day is in a couple weeks, i’m gonna be 22 and i’m getting my first tattoo. yay!! i’m getting our dog rocky along with his full name Sgt. Rockhead and a couple military dog tags. but sadly he passed away about a month ago. he was sick for a few days and my parents were planing on taking him in soon as they got paid but the night before they got paid he took a turn for the worse. he wouldn’t eat anything. only drink a little bit of water here and there. his breathing was really unsteady and he could barely walk. we called the only vet open at that time and they wouldn’t see him unless we paid them in full that night they wouldn’t wait 8 hrs to get the other half of the money. then after so long he collapsed and my parents and us didn’t think he would survive till they got paid. so my parents picked him up and well more dregged him onto a blanket and carried him out to the car. we took him down to the only vet open and i will so help me got never go to that god damn place again. i’ve never met people that were so cold towards people. they put on a mask of care but gave us a cold shoulder at the same time. we forgot to go to the ATM so i could get money off my card the only money we had $150. and they said we could pay $75 and take the body home with us… i couldn’t believe it when they said that i wanted to be sick when i heard that. and we had to leave my dad there like coladeral so we could go to the ATM. i never seen my dad cry so hard. i was a mess myself for a week after. i still want to cry when i think about it and its hard to believe he’s gone still. and i’m worried about princess cuz she’s a year older then him and its only a matter of time for her. i’m guessing the next year or so. i’ll be shocked if she stays with us any longer then that. same with honey. i’m gonna eventually get honey and princess tattooed on me too. i’m getting rock on the right side of my calf on my right leg. princess will be on the opposite side of rocky and honey will be on my other leg on the right side of my calf. but the next tattoo i’m getting is my perents initials on my arm with a couple frogs and cherry blossems,

As for WOW i got my main ellenor up to lvl 73 almost 74 only got 4 more bars to go till then woot woot!! building my reputation up so i can get a panguine and i’m working on getting 75 pets and 50 mounts maybe more hehe…. gonna try to get the turtle mount!! thats gonna be awsome to get ^o^ but what sucks is someone hacked into my account not too long ago but thankfully we caught them before they could do any damage. i’m gonna get a blizzard authenticator so i have extra protection on my account. that will be nice.

Well, i think i’ve babbled enough for now till next time talk to ya later ^_^

p.s. i’ll try to update sooner hehe

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