Well, not much been going on here. Besides that I’m getting sick, oi. So chicken soup and me have been the best of friends today, yay!

On the lighter note of things, Lilian is getting big.

I got Ellenor up to lvl 67. T_T but i still need to get her close to lvl 80. I also have to work on my tailoring skills again on there. Enchanting, I’ve needed to work on for awhile. So lazy.

So the state approved me for medical. But I haven’t heard anything back from them. So i’m not sure when I’ll be getting my benifits from them. Bastards! Been trying to call but I can never get through to anyone, which is annoying in it’s self.

Well, Twilight came out and I went to the midnight showing of that. OMG never going to one of those again. First of all my aunt and me started standing in line at 3pm. After a couple hours they started seperating people into lines for their autitorium’s. Well, I read our tickets wrong and thought it said 12 but it actually said 1. After waiting for 5 hours they checked our tickets and told us we’re in the wrong line and sent us to the back. What pissed me off the most is how some people laughed at us. They should have double checked our tickets when they started to seperating lines, to make sure we didn’t read it wrong. Oh well, we atleast got seats in the back of the theater. So I guess it wasn’t a complete lost cause.
Even though they changed alot in the movie from the book, it actually turned out good. Even though, it annoys me that they change so much I’m still drawn to watching it. Hmmm, wonder why? Well, they started to make the next installment of the movies. Can’t wait to see New Moon. I hope they don’t change to much of it, again. And I just want to add thay Kellen Lutz is HOT, hehe.

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday. I think it went pretty well. She got subway like she wanted and i gave her cookies instead of a cake. Kenny and Crystal gave her PJ’s, slippers, new shoes, and some bath stuff. She was happy.

Hmmm, what else is there to talk about? Haven’t worked much on my book. Though, came up with a new idea for a new book. Should try and keep my thoughts not so random. Oh well. Well, I’m hurting myself thinking so much. LOL. So I’m gonna shut up for now and will write back later.

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