In pain!!

Well, long time no typing…. So the past six months have gone alright. My brother kenny moved over to idaho. He’s also got another dog, a german shepered. The girls are doing great. Ashely’s heart hasn’t acted up sense the surgery, which is good. Hmmm, not much to say about Kenny…..

Ricky got married to his g/f in july. Things are going good for them. They’re daughter was finally born on the 6th of september. Her name is Lillian Marie Jeffries. She is gonna be a really spoiled kid. Ricky also got a job at roseaurs(dunno how to spell that, hehe). That’s going good for him.

Cindy is still working for her grandma… Though, the job is gonna end in a couple weeks. She’s gonna be looking for a new job then. Virginia is doing good in school. She was working at taco bell but then quite a few days ago. Not sure if they’re still going to the gym. I think Virginia still goes but Cindy I don’t think goes as often anymore.

As for me, I still haven’t figured out the stupid seizers. Had one about 3 months ago. The state is trying to help me again, thankfully. But I did go to the ER last Friday. The doctor thinks there might be something wrong with either my gullbladder. meaning I might have stones in it. Or theres something wrong with my pancreas. He said if its the pancreas we’ll worry about it then if its the gullbladder we’ll worry about the right now. I guess, the gullbladder can affect the pancreas if it has stones in it or something. I go in to an ultrasound on monday. Hopefully we get some answers that day. I’m also stuck on a bland diet. I can’t have anything GOOD! DAMNIT! And it sucks cuz if I try to eat something good my stomach starts hurting really bad.

I’m still playing WoW. Not as much though. And as I predicted they’re coming out with the expansion before I can get Ellenor up to lvl 70. Now I have to work to get her to lvl 80. Thats gonna be a bitch. Oh well.

I’ve been trying to work on a book about vampires and mermaids. Not very far in the book though. only on the 11th chapter. And thats just a ruff draft. I haven’t started the editing and what not. I’ve been changing so many things in the book I got annoyed with myself. lol. I’ll get it done sooner or later. I really want to get this book written. I’ve been thinking about looking into taking a writing class to help improve my writing skills. I know right now mine suck, big time. It’ll be wonderful if I can get the book writtin then published. I know thats just wishfull thinking but still, I hope one day I can at least publish one book. If anything I’ll publish a peotry book, hehe.

Anywhos, you’d think I’d have more to write, after not writing on here for so long. Oh well, my stomach is starting to hurt so I’m gonna go to bed. I’ll try to type more on here more often. Well, laterz.

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