Well, its been awhile sence I’ve been on here thats for sure. So, whats been going on in my life? Hmmm…..Well, not much…. Been reading alot. Found a series that I really like and they’re turning it into a movie. Its called Twilight. I’m still waiting for the 4th book to come out I can’t wait. Well, sense I haven’t writin on here sense Holloween I’ll just tell ya whats been going on sense. Holloween was boring we really didn’t do anything. Which I wish I could have. But oh well. Then during christmas we didn’t do much then either. We usually go over to my grandparents house for dinner and presents. This christmas we just went to my brothers wife’s parents house for dinner. It was nice. New years we didn’t do much that night either. I got so bored I went to bed before the ball droped. Hmmmm…. What else? Oh yeah I was denied by DSHS again they said that sense there’s nothing physically obvious wrong with me that they could help me. Which I think is complete bull shit. They wanted to get a second opinion about the seizers but they ended up sending me to the same doctor which in also bull shit. But I don’t care anymore. They can all fuck off in my book I’m tired of dealing with them.

So I’m trying to get my life back in order. My Aunt is geting her Real Estate licence and she’s going to hire me as her and our friend Jon’s assistant. So yeah. I’ve been hanging out with my Aunt alot. She’s redoing her house and they’re going to try and sell it this summer sometime.  If and when I start working for them I’m gonna get laser eye sugery so I don’t have to wear glasses anymore. And I’m gonna try and get back into school. But nothing is definate at the moment. Which kinda really sucks. I’m also gonna end up looking like I have duel personalitys. I’m gonna start dressing goth when I get enough money to buy the clothes (^_^). I’ll still dress professional for the office and when meeting clients. Other then that I’m going all goth. hahaha.

My friend Cindy got a job taking care of her grandma. I’m happy for her. I’m Glad she has a job and that she’s happy. I’ve been trying to hang out with her more but haven’t had much of a chance. We’ve both been busy. She’s going to the gym now trying to tone up her body. I’ve givin up on working out I’m just to lazy thats all there is to it. So I’m gonna save up and get the fat sucked out. And I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about it.

By brothers daughter Ashely had to go in for heart sugery. Everything went good during surgury and she’s doing alot better now. My other brother and his g/f are expecting a baby. They find out the sex of it in a couple weeks. They’re really hoping for a boy. I think they’er going to have a boy myself. Both of my brother are doing floors at the hospital but that job is soon gonna end. So Ricky is looking for another job and Kenny found another one in CD’A. Hopfully Ricky gets another job before the baby is born. I think he will.

Well, I haven’t got ellenor to a 70 yet but she’s a lvl 61. And we got her epic mount. Though, getting it was a bitch in a half. Even so I’m happy. I’ve also been working on couple of my lower lvls not a whole lot though. Hopefully one day I’ll get to lvl 70. Prolly by the time I get her to 70 they’ll release the next expansion and then I’ll have to get her to lvl 80.

So far every weekend my Grandma has been stealing me to go shopping. 😛 hehe. I don’t mind, it’s fun.

So yeah thats all I can think of thats been going on sense last time I wrote on here. Hmm…. I really don’t have a life do i?? Oh well, Time to shut the hell up and relax. Till next time. Later.

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