Well, I finally got Ellenor up to lvl 50. YAY! I was able to bring up her tailoring to 341. My parents are trying to get stuff so I can make them 18 slot bags for em. I should bring up my enchanter so I can have stuff for myself. So I don’t have to bum what i need off of them. But Now I need to work on Theprettyboy so I can bring up his Alchemy. If its not one thing its another oh well. But I might just bring up my shaman for her enchanting not sure though. Once I get everyone figured out with the bags I’m gonna start selling them on the auction house so I can make moneys. The more gold the better muhahaha. I’m such a dork; I know. Anywhos… Other then That stuffs I’ve been playing alot of fable and I’ll end up beating the game for the 20th time. lol. Well I’m bored and can’t think of anything else to write on here so…later. 

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