Never again…


Well, my brother is a bad influence on me. I got so drunk last night. I’ve been nursing my hang over all day. Last thing I remember is talking to my sister-in-law on the couch. I have no clue how I got to bed. My brother says he’s gonna get me drunk on my b-day. Though, after last night…. Hell no…. I’m not drinking that much again. I had like 10 or 11 shots and one beer. How I was able to drink that much is beyond me.

On the lighter side of things. I’ve been working out everyday. Well, trying to do it everyday. So hopefully I’ll lose some weight. I want to start and do corsetting. When I finally get back to working I’m gonna start doing that. I’ve been doing alot of research on it. And I want to do the traditional corsetting not what you buy at like hot topic. I want to do it cuz it’ll help me cut down on how much I eat. Also it gives a girl really nice curves lol. I’ve applied for medical at DSHS. So I can try and figure out whats wrong with me. But who knows if they’ll give it to me or not. I really hope they do. My brother is having a holloween party and I’m not sure if I’m gonna dress up. I kinda don’t want to. If I had the money to buy a costume instead of asking people for money. My aunt asked me to go to her work’s holloween party so I’m gonna go to that to. Sence my brothers is not on holloween. So I can go to both of them.

I haven’t really talked to anyone online. Mostly just my best friend and her sissy. I realized last night that I’m gonna be the only single person on Christmas and Thanks Giving. It sucks. I’m always the person who doesn’t have anyone. I dout I’ll meet anyone before then. I guess its ok. Considering I can’t buy them a gift. I hate not having money! (T_T) Its so sad….

Anywhos…. Well, Ellenor is lvl 51. YAY! I made a new character. Her name is Gentleangel she’s a priest. I’m making her all holy. So she’s just gonna be a healer. She’s gonna be my jewlcrafter. I can’t wait for the Lich king to come out. I want to see what new stuff they’re putting in the game. Though, I’m not even close to becoming a lvl 70 so its gonna be a long time before I lvl up to 80. Blizzard plans to let out another expansion and our max lvl with be 90. So I’ve heard don’t take my word for it. I’m not sure if they really are going to or not. There should be some kewl patterns put on there I can’t wait to see what they are. The funny thing that happened on WOW. It was right after I made my preist. I was sitting there just killing trees and I took on more then I could handle and a warrior came over and helped me it was a male character. Anyways, I said “thanx” and he said “noproblem”. Then says “your hot wanna go out?” I just said “I dunno.” then went on my marry way. He whispered me asking me again if I wanna go out with him just on the game not in real life. I said “I won’t be playing this character that much I just made her to kill time when I’m not on my main.”  He then asks “What lvl is your main?” I told him “51.” He then asks “Is it a blood elf?” I said “no she’s a undead warlock.” after a moment he writes back “so I guess no then huh?” I said “yea its a no.” Now when ever I log on to her he starts talking to me. Oi. But its funny I say he’s my stalker on there. LOL. But one good thing on WOW is that they put voice ont there for everyone. So we don’t have to download anything to have it or anything. Though, my mom hased to call them up cuz for some reason she don’t got it on hers. Anywhos, I think I’ve wrote enough on here. Till next time.  



Well, I finally got Ellenor up to lvl 50. YAY! I was able to bring up her tailoring to 341. My parents are trying to get stuff so I can make them 18 slot bags for em. I should bring up my enchanter so I can have stuff for myself. So I don’t have to bum what i need off of them. But Now I need to work on Theprettyboy so I can bring up his Alchemy. If its not one thing its another oh well. But I might just bring up my shaman for her enchanting not sure though. Once I get everyone figured out with the bags I’m gonna start selling them on the auction house so I can make moneys. The more gold the better muhahaha. I’m such a dork; I know. Anywhos… Other then That stuffs I’ve been playing alot of fable and I’ll end up beating the game for the 20th time. lol. Well I’m bored and can’t think of anything else to write on here so…later. 

I’m broken…..


Well, when I thought I wouldn’t have another one of my seizer thingies… I get one. Oi…. So yea… I was talking on the phone and started to feel really hot and sick. I told the person I was talking to that I had to go and sorry then hung up on him. Not even 30 seconds after getting off of the phone I went into a seizer thingie. I’m calling it that cuz the stupid doctors can’t figure out whats wrong with me. So now I have my constant twitch back. Yay me… Oi…..This sucks… Oh well, I’ll live I suppose…. On the brighter side of things I’m only one lvl away from Ellenor becoming a 50. YAY! And I’ve been playing fable alot lately. I just don’t want to get online to talk anymore sence that night. Not sure y, I just don’t want to deal with anyone…. But Enrage said she’s going to ask her friend whos a nurse about me. She thinks I should get checked to see if I’m a diabetic again. But who knows…. I just want all this to stop so I can go back to work. Its so frusterating not being able to work. I’ve been out of work for almost a year. I hate having to depend on ppl. for everything. Though, if the doctors can’t figure this out I’m not sure what I’m gonna do prolly just gonna have to bend my life around this. And get a sit down job. Anywhos I feel like I’ve bitched enough for one night. 

Bored again….


Well, I’m bored as always…. Well, as some people know I’ve been working on a book for sometime. I’m not very far into writing it. Only on the 8th chapter. I feel like my brain is fried right now I’m not sure why. But I think I will try to write some of it here this month. Other then that I’ve been talking to that guy and as always we talked for 5 or 6 hrs a night…. The last time we talked we talk about a lot of different things. For some reason sence we talked that night I don’t feel so attacted not sure why. Oh well, these things happen maybe now I can train myself to remember that we’re just friends alot easier now. Other then all that I’ve been feeling really empty not sure why… Wow I’m not sure of alot right now am I? Oh well…. I’ve been listening to alot of Miyavi lately. I found one of his music videos on youtube and I just fell in love with the sound of his voice and the way he plays the guitar. Well thats all I can think of to write for now so I think I’ll shut up now.