Sooo bored….

Well, I haven’t been doing that much lately. I’ve been helping out my parents with work. Apperently the big boss is coming back so we have to get the place spic and span. Also, I helped my aunt move around and clean her room. That took a big toll on me. Sence then I’ve been feeling like I’m gonna have another episode. So I’ve been trying to take it easy. Other then that I’ve been talking online. I met a guy on there who is really nice and I really enjoy talking to him. Its not often for me to meet someone I really like to talk to. So I’m happy that we’ve been talking. Though, I know we’ve decided to just be friends I’m starting to get attached I’ve been trying to keep myself from doing that. Considering he lives in Seattle It would be to difficult to have a relationship. So, We’re just friends and I’m happy with that. I just hope he doesn’t feel like I end up becoming a bother to him. Sooo yeah…. What else? Oh, I have been cutting down what I eat so I can’t try to lose some weight so far I’ve only lost 5lbs its not much but its a start. Hopefully if I lose enough weight it wont be se hard on my joints to walk around. Anywhos…. My dad had to change his name on WoW. his name was jonnyrotten and they said he couldn’t have that name cuz its the name of the lead singer of The Sexpistols. Apperently u can’t have a name of a famous person, place, or thing. Its really stupid cuz he’s had the name for almost a full year and only now do they tell him to change it. Well not much else has been going on… So I think I’ll shut up for now. Later.  

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