my week

 Well, where should I start? Lets start with my family right now….Well, my parents are hooked to WoW like theres no tomarrow. My mom still watches my brothers and sister-in-laws girls. They got lice and we finally got rid of it. My borthers were doing MMA for a time there but now that they have cleaning jobs at the hospital; they don’t have time to do it anymore. My brother and his girlfriends lease at there appartment is going to be up in december. They’ve asked if they can stay here till they find a new place. My mom asked me about my thoughts of it. I told her its up to her and dad if they move in. I just want my space. My aunt and her husband are happy together…Though, far as I know he still doesn’t have his citizens ship yet. My Grandparents are doing good. Though, my grandma has been having really bad virtigo attacks at work. We’ve been tell her to take it easy at work but ya’ll know how grandma’s are they don’t like to be told what to do. What else?? Well I suppose I should write about me to… I’d write about my dreams but they have been really wierd lately. I mean I had a dream I was dating the grim reaper and I’ve had dreams that I was a character in WoW. Yeah its jut been really wierd dreams. Other then that I’ve been watching alot of anime and movies. I’ve also been working on lvling up my character on WoW..I really want to get her up to lvl 50 so I can bring up her tailoring so I can start making 18 slot bags. Then after I lvl up ellenor I’m gonna work on getting Theprettyboy up to lvl 35 so I can bring up his alchemy. Well, other then that I’ve been hanging out with my friend and her sis even though her sis is busy as all hell. I spent the last week with them and we went to the mall and got our hair cuts and eyebrows waxed. My hair is the shortest its ever been. Its up to my jaw line. So yeah other then that I don’t have a life… Yay me! Well thats all for now I’m signing off for now till next time. I LIKE PIE!!! LOL..

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