A baker

A candy maker

One who shares their love of sweetness

With the world by their side

Making lillipop, dew drops, and gum drops

Cup cakes, cream cakes, and birthday cakes

Filling them with sweetness and love

For the world to taste with a smile on their face

To make the bad times seem good

To bring joy to a child if only for a moment

With pride a baker

A candy maker will make the sweetess of sweets

For just a smile

Even just from a child

To see them full of happyness

Of the sweetness and love

From the sweet creations a baker

a candy maker trys so hard to make







Love, murder, and hate

Taste the sweetness of your victoms blood

You love them so much you hate them

Your passion for them drives you crazy

Wanting to love them but hate them

Wanting to kill them

You wonder to yourself

Should I make it fast and easy or

Should I make it slow and painful

Standing there watching your love

Leave another persons house

Watching as they kiss that person who is not you

You think to yourself ‘how should I do it’

But when your love gets home all’s you can do

Is look at them and smile

Pushing aside the feeling that you had

Believing that they truely love you and only you

Till one day you wake up and they’re not there

They decided to leave you for the other person

You watch as their wedding goes on

You wonder how you should kill your love

Then you decided how

You take a razer to both your wrists in the bath


Leaving a note to your love


‘I wandered how to kill you but couldn’t





Sence you already killed my heart I thought

I would finnish the job for you’








Forgive me mother for I have sinned

I couldn’t help myself

With his dark eyes full of lust

Forgive me mother for I have sinned

His hug was paralizing

And his kiss passionate oh so passionate

I couldn’t help myself

Forgive me mother for I have sinned

His touch was so thrilling

And his body was so hypnotizing

It sent me into a trance of lust

I couldn’t help myself

Forgive me mother for I have sinned

Feeling his lust for me grow he began

To thrust himself in me more passionately then his kiss

I couldn’t help myslef

Forgive me mother for I have sinned

Buring with pleasure I scream his name

And him moaning mine

Pulling my hair he came in pleasure

And so did I

Forgive me mother I couldn’t help myself

But to sin




We talked we laughed

We’d walk home together

You were always there when i cried

You always knew how to make me smile

You were always there to back me up

When i got myslef into a fight

You became the other child in my family

You help me when someone hurts me

You’re always there to make sure i’m happy

Even if you have to do something really stupid

You’ll always do your best to see me smile

You don’t juge me no matter what i tell you

Your always there to give me support

When no one else will

When the whole world looks down at me


Your always there to tell me


‘They truely arn’t your friends cause





Friends stick together no matter what’


I just want you to know that i’ll do the same for you

I will always be there when you need me

Your a friend to cherish

And if i ever lost your friendship

I’d cry as hard as if i lost a member of my family

Because you are family

Your my best friend

Always and forever.






A heart has known love,

It has known hate.

It’ll have shed so many tears of love,

Also tears of hate.

A heart wears a mask of love,

But behind that mask it sings a sarrowful song.

This song is a beautiful song.

Though it is the sadess of them all.

This song is of hope and joy

This song is of a lost woman,

That has yet to be found.

This song is of a heart that hopes for love

But only recieves lonlyness.

This song is of a soul that

Crys tears of an angel.

Of an angel who only wishes for one thing

Of an angel who doesn’t ask for much

Of an angel who asks for love and no longer lonlyness

Of an angel who asks for freedom of her lonlyness.





Tears of Pain


Tears of joy,

Tears of pain,

Tears of love,

Tears of shame,

An angel crys these tears,

for the one she so deeply loves.

Her love crys tears,

but not of love joy or shame.

He crys tears of madness,

fear, and envious.

He envys his angel he loves,

for she has not seen his madness.

Her tears of pain are tears of fears,

for she fears he will not remember her.

For she shames that she didn’t say good bye,

before leaving this world.

Her and her love both,

cry tears of pain.

For they shall never be together again

and say what they wanted to each other.

She never got to say good bye,

He never got to say I love you.



A Lost Soul

A lost soul wanders the halls alone

Believing it is dead to the universe

But its only dead to it’s self

It believes no one notices it

Actually it doesn’t notice it’s self

This soul is lost and lonely

It looks for a home but only finds


This soul looks for friends

But only finds lonelyness

Though this soul is not lonely

It only believes it is

Because what it doesn’t know, I

Wish to be its friend

Give it a home

Take it away from its pain

I want to be its partner in

School and the halls and maybe

If this soul lets me

I’d like to be it’s lover.